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Woodville’s Values: Christ at the Centre

We believe we are here to:

LOVE each other
LOVE Cathays

A Christian church can have only one foundational value: Jesus Christ as Lord.
In Woody we recognise His authority;
We are united by our faith in Him;
We are here to explore and express His love;
Our goal is to please and serve Him above all.

Everything else we value arises from this. Because Christ is at the centre of His church we value:

  • Discipleship – We are Christ’s disciples, accountable to Him and each other, as we pursue a life-changing relationship with Him and seek to be shaped by Him.
  • Transforming Truth – The Bible not only defines our faith: it reveals Jesus and is God’s gift to help us to be more like Him. Our aim is therefore to both understand scripture and to apply its truths into our lives.
  • Worship – Our highest privilege is “to enjoy God and glorify Him forever”, so vibrant, Spirit-led worship, engaging every dimension of our being is at the heart of who we are.
  • Prayer – We look constantly to deepen our relationship with God through prayer, individually and together, which draws us closer to Christ and releases God’s power.
  • Loving Community – We are committed to loving God, ourselves, each other and our neighbours. We want our relationships together to be characterised by honesty, honour and practical service, together with a readiness to seek and give forgiveness.
  • Equipping People – Every person in the church has a unique calling and God-given gifts. Therefore we value worship and fellowship that is participative, and we encourage everyone to multiply leadership within Woody, and to send people out equipped to minister and lead elsewhere. All have a part to play through praying, giving and serving.
  • Mission Focus – We have a heart to reach out to others with Christ’s love. This will involve preparing one another to share our faith with confidence, expressing God’s love in works of compassion, and demonstrating the Kingdom of God through the release of miraculous power and love of God.
  • 21st Century Church – Because Jesus Christ is alive and relevant to every time and culture, we are committed to styles of worship, church life and outreach that resonate with, and are appropriate to, our contemporary cultures.
  • Partnership – In all this we relate to and work alongside other Christian churches in Cardiff and beyond, looking to serve Christ’s people throughout the world.
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