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Project Description

If you are a student and you love Jesus, you will love student cells! Student cells are about sharing life with one another and having the opportunity to discuss issues in more depth than a quick chat over a cuppa after church on a Sunday allows. Student cells meet at various student homes around Cardiff on Tuesday evenings. As well as being a great opportunity to study the word you’re certain to form friendships with other students in the church.

All of the cell groups join together at the pub afterwards for a chat and a game of pool and sometimes we have BIG Cell, which is when all of the different cells gather together as one.

Students in Woody have a mission focus. Some are more focused on social justice and others are involved in our club mission ‘Red Frogs’. Many help with other aspects of Woody life, such as Kids work, foodbank or worship.

The church also has a number of thriving home groups if you’re not a student. If you’re interested in getting involved in one of these please visit the Home Group page.

For more information or to join a cell group, please use the Get Connected form.