Project Description

Xodus is Our Student and Young Adults Flagship Service

At Xodus we look to put the vision of the church into practice by offering our whole-hearted worship to Jesus, engaging in His word, allowing space for the Holy Spirit to minister, heal, deliver, and save.


To Encounter God

There is nothing that will draw us into greater intimacy with the Father. Our ministry to this generation needs to start with a tangible experience of God’s love and a supernatural encounter with Him.

To Engage with the church

We don’t want to fill up your diaries with rotas, but we want to help you engage with ministries that will unlock your destiny, be it worship, teaching, prophesy, evangelism, etc. And the key to engaging is belonging. It is essential that we create a culture in which young adults feel at home and loved to pieces regardless of their level of participation or involvement.

To Equip them with solid theological teaching

God is relevant to every sphere of life in the modern world of today. We can experience God in the arts, media, education, healthcare, business, government, as well as the context of the church. Sound theology is essential, but it is not the end of the story. Theology is the foundation on which we encounter God. We have to challenge people to push into the depths of His word and consequently walk into their calling.

To Release them into the community

We aim to release people into serving roles in the church but subsequently to leadership roles to advance His Kingdom through sending them into the community, seeing people healed, speaking words of prophecy, and loving and serving people practically. Next we hope to release them into their calling with the blessing of the church behind them.

Our heart’s desire is to raise up and bring back a generation to the Lord. In Wales at present, there is a rift between the younger generation and the church. At Woodville Baptist Church our aim is to be relevant to the progressive culture of our time without the expense of the truth.

Xodus happens on the first Sunday of every month during term time.