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An Introduction…

In the recent past Woodville Baptist Church have offered  a 10 month, part-time internship programme to those who want to spend a year serving in a vibrant church!  At the moment we don’t have any interns, but the church would still be willing to hear from anyone who would be interested in volunteering to work for the church for an academic year, for us to explore together whether this might be possible.

The internship would be focused on fulfilling the great commission found in Matthew 28: the goal is not only to be a disciple of Jesus, but also to be disciple-makers.

As a church, we are passionate about investing in the future leaders of a generation. We believe that society needs leaders in every sphere of life, so whether your future is as a nurse, engineer, accountant, performer, church leader, or anything else, we want to invest in you!

You will have opportunities to serve in many areas of church life, with a primary focus on student work. We look to develop your gifting, whether it’s in: worship; teaching; sport; events management; youth/children’s work, or anything else! Our internship is partnered with Glenwood Church, Llanedeyrn, where you’ll receive sound Biblical teaching and learn about leadership, discipleship, and church structure and leadership. As well as challenging your understanding of Scripture and what it is to live a missional life, you will get to meet inspirational leaders and interns from dozens of churches across South Wales.

Simple Questions, Amazing Answers…

Over the years Woody has seen a number of individuals take part in the Gap Year programme at Woodville Baptist Church. They have had an incredible time, but don’t take my word for it! This is some of what you can expect if you want to be part of something incredible…

Why did you do the Woody Gap Year?

“I asked God about what to do when I finished Uni and although the easy option would have been to apply for jobs in teaching, I felt He was saying to depend on His provision for me and that the gap year would certainly make me have to do that.”

Chris Mackinlay, 08/09

Why should someone else do the Woody Gap Year?

“It’s a year that you can take to dig in to your relationship with God supported by an amazingly wonderful leadership team who are committed to seeing you grow in to who God created you to be. It’s a year of practical Christianity where you get to take your visions and see them become reality. You’ll discover more about yourself and God through the year than you ever thought possible!” (Becky Langford, 07/08)

What was your biggest achievement through doing the Woody Gap Year?

“So far, learning how to trust God for EVERYTHING, to relinquish control and to just place everything in his hands!” (Annie Kingdon, 08/09)

What could your future hold?

The Woody gap year is not the end, but the beginning. An opportunity to serve in a vibrant church, and sow back into the lives of others. You will be stretched like never before, and it will be the start of finding out your purpose and destiny, in this thing we call life…

For more information, get in touch using the contact form.

We would love for you to be a part of what God is building in His church!