Life Groups at Woodville Baptist Church

Life Groups at Woody are a great place for building relationships and supporting and encouraging one another as we grow in faith. We have several different life groups focusing on different areas of ministry. They usually meeting on weekday evenings.

Some of the groups may have a waiting list, but if you are interested in joining, let us know.

The groups aim to reflect the Woody values.

The current groups are:

Framework for Life: Biblical Discipleship and Discussion

This group aims to bridge the gap between the world of the Bible and our own contemporary culture through the examination of holy scripture. Our mission involves studying and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ which concerns his identity, life, death, resurrection, and future role as Judge of the world.  We endeavour to be readers and doers of the Word. Meeting weekly on Zoom and occasionally in person.

British Sign Language Group

Every week we learn how to use sign language in church and elsewhere, including singing worship songs and praying in sign. During the holidays we meet at the pub or each other’s homes for social evenings, getting to know each other better in sign! This course helps people build confidence in communicating with the Deaf and starting to learn to interpret.


Aimed at encouraging students and young adults (up to 30) in their faith, building strong connections for living life. We meet weekday evenings for a variety of activities (including bible study, socials and prayer ministry).

Discipleship Group

We meet fortnightly and our focus is to have fellowship and encourage one another in walking out our salvation.  We do this through Bible study, prayer and worship. It is also a safe place where we can practise using the gifts God has given us.

Justice Group

The Justice group aims to live out practical expressions of Christian principles of justice in our local community.


For more details or if you want to join a life group, please use the contact form.