At Woody we believe that worship is more than just a Sunday morning event; it incorporates our whole lives. However we really value our time together in corporate worship where we seek God passionately and come expectantly to see God move and speak to us.

The church meets each Sunday at 10.30 a.m. where we spend time worshipping God through music, bible teaching and prayer.

We sing a variety of praise songs including Hillsong, Vineyard, Soul Survivor as well as some more traditional hymns. At all times we seek to be open to the Holy Spirit, so although we make plans we try to be flexible and respond when God’s leading us in a different direction.

British Sign Language is a regular component of our worship times. Not only does BSL engage the deaf, but it is also offers a unique and different way of worship expression for the hearing congregation.

Our vision for worship at Woodville Baptist Church is:

  • To see people released in freedom to uniquely express their worship to God.
  • To come together as a family to give glory and praise to God.
  • To expectantly wait on the Holy Spirit to move as he chooses.

This can be summed up in the following four words:

  1. Freedom: Create an environment that allows people to worship freely and express themselves uniquely
  2. Spirit led: Encourage spirit led, prophetic worship
  3. Glory: declare God’s goodness in an attitude of awe and joy
  4. United: Sunday mornings are a unique time when we join as a family of huge variety to praise God together.